Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Up to my neck in it...


I've been a little absent from this blog recently, and I just wanted to pop in and explain why. A few weeks ago I discovered that our local craft group was having a stall at a Christmas coffee morning this month. They asked if I'd like to sell anything and for a hundred and one reasons I discounted it. I have a quilt to make for Christmas for a small person who says "it is the number one thing on their Christmas list" (the pressure!) a Christmas box to prepare for Jim, the small matter of a baby and two dogs to look after every day and a lot of the time at these kind of sales people aren't prepared to pay the money that handmade goods are worth (which is another debate entirely)

But sometime after deciding I definitely wasn't going to take part, I had a change of heart and thought I could just dabble and do a couple of bits just for fun, completely forgetting that I don't really do dabbling...

So here I am 6 days away from the sale, up to my neck in fabric and sewing. You probably think I'm crazy, BUT there was one very good reason to be doing this that I overlooked and it is this... There is nothing quite so good at making the time pass as a looming deadline!

So excuse me if I'm quiet for a little while, I am (fortunately) not weeping over my absent husband or crossing off the days till he returns on my chuff chart, but rather sweating over fabric combinations and unpicking stitches... The sale is next Wednesday, I shall emerge from my bubble then if not before, and if anything is leftover it shall be going in my Etsy shop, so you lovely people can sample the products of my labour...


  1. I hope you do well at your sale too! I am addicted to shopping for fabric, so I feel like I should at least sell some items to help cover my habit!! And I love to sew, and our house can only hold so many blankets. Hope you guys still decide to come here for a visit-sometimes it's easier to travel with a baby before they start walking...

  2. Good luck at the sale and all the Christmas sewing!!

  3. I know what you mean about not 'dabbling' in anything, I'm exactly the same! I'd love to see some pictures of what you sold in the end... :)

  4. Hi Bailey, definitely will be showing off all my stuff when it's finished. They've just pushed the even back a week, not sure whether to spend another week making stuff or stop where I originally planned!

  5. I am now the proud owner of the one with the cars on - thank you Clare, love it!


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