Saturday, October 8, 2011

Artwork for the nursery

Atticus poem in the nursery

The last bit of the nursery was finally put in place today, and it's got quite a story behind it...

Many years ago I was sent home from primary school with a project to write a poem about a cat. Of course like most children with homework, I asked for adult help, and on this occasion got it from my dad. At the time he was renovating the bathroom in our house, and I have a vivid memory of him concocting this poem for me whilst doing the plumbing (multi-talented chap my father!)

The original poem has long since been lost and when I was looking for ideas to decorate the nursery, I thought it would be a good excuse to rescurrect the poem (which I still had in my head) and perhaps see if I could find an artist to illustrate it.

I found the very talented Jane Eccles on Etsy and she created a beautiful picture for Theo at a very reasonable price. It arrived shortly after he was born, but we had a 5 week wait for it to be framed... Today we at long last got to pick it up, and it now hangs in pride of place above his cot. A little piece of family history to hand down...

Atticus poem


  1. That is really beautifully illustrated. And what a lovely idea and a beautiful way to help preserve and pass down a special family memory :)

  2. aw, thank you for writing such nice things - it looks great in it's frame too!

  3. How lovely! What a great idea and it looks really beautiful hanging in the nursery too :O)


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