Saturday, April 16, 2011

Red Arrows 2011

Red & Blue

For the last few weeks the Red Arrows have been doing their annual pre-season practice in the skies above RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. Their schedule has coincided with my morning commute and so every day my 20 minute drive to work along the coast has been accompanied by their display... Frankly it's a miracle that I haven't driven into anything whilst watching!

Next week the Reds are off to Greece to continue their training and so before they went they did a display for the military community in the grounds of the Akrotiri hospital. It was a beautiful day with a backdrop of the Mediterranean sea and even though it was probably the twentieth time this month I have seen them in action it was every bit as spine tingling as the first time.

Living and working with the Red Arrows you are supposed to at least attempt to be nonchalant about them, but I've fallen for them hook line and sinker this year, and yesterday's display has affirmed what I think will be a lifelong admiration for the team. A signed print will even be going up on the wall in Scotland, much to the dismay of my Army husband!

More photos here and last year's display here


  1. Great Photos Clare!

  2. Fabulous pictures - so lovely to see them against a blue sky. My other half was not impressed when I came back from the Air Show at Bournemouth one year with an RAF T-shirt. Even though he likes the Reds I think it might push it too far if I wanted a picture of them up on the wall. Well certainly if it was of the flight crew ;-)

  3. Breath taking aren't they? I've seen them twice at shows now, your photos are fab!

  4. Hey Clare, Not sure if it's your thing, but I've invited you to join in with the Earth Day reading project,( Deadline 23rd April. I know you have a bit on at the moment though, just thought you might be interested ;o)

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  6. Any crashes (yet) this year? 4th picture, right hand plane looks a bit wonky. New team member this year perhaps?


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