Sunday, October 24, 2010


Macbook case 3

First of all I should say that I'm going to leave you hanging on our new posting for just a little longer. We may receive absolute confirmation we are going there in a call tomorrow, so I'll wait till we hear that before I tell you more...

And whilst you wait with baited breath, I have creations to share! First off Jim baked brioche this weekend, it's a recipe from Richard Bertinet's book and the proving of the dough took 14 hours alone, well worth the wait though! I've blogged about Richard Bertinet before, we are big fans!

This weekend I have made two laptop cases for work colleagues. I made one last month, and then everyone wanted one! This one is my favourite, I think I'm going to have to make another for myself in this fabric...

And I also made an SLR camera strap, another special request from a friend. I plan to start selling these (and a few other bits) soon, so if like me, you are bored with having Nikon or Canon draped round your neck,watch this space, I'll also be doing a giveaway when the shop is up and running!

Camera strap


  1. I don't have a laptop, but I do have a camera, and a fun strap would indeed be so much nicer than the horrid bog standard Nikon one.

  2. that brioche looks rather nice...making me quite peckish!
    Loving the laptop bags too, may have to attempt one of those for my old dinosaur!
    BH x

  3. I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for your comment on my blog. Love the fabric above very bright and colourful, The brioche looks delicious its one of my favourites and im loving your chocolate log. Dee

  4. will be first in line for a camera strap when they are on sale [ can you do longer ones as mine ends up under my armpit whilst running after my children :/ lol ] oooo and talking of children ill be looking at buying baby quilts too .....wink wink


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